Monday, June 3, 2013

Know your SLP: What is a Speech and Language Pathologist?

Good day everyone!

       We would like to share with you an informative pdf presentation about what a speech pathologist is. As some of you know, most speech pathologists are usually seen in a school or private clinic setting in which they cater to the pediatric population or most of their clientele are children with special needs. 

       But there are even more specific cases that speech pathologists are able to handle and provide their services to. These cases include clients from the geriatric population - people who suffered a stroke and are having a difficult time communicating their wants and needs, clients who have feeding and swallowing difficulties and many more. Read through the presentation and tell us what you think. 

Do you know a speech pathologist? What clients does s/he usually handle?

You can download the presentation here.

Always have fun,

Tony and Jepi

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